Kirrak Party is the 2018 Indian Telugu Film which is well adopted and remaked from Kannada super ht film Kirik Party and now the young and fresh concept lies within the movie is taken as inspiration and huge changes were made with the help of two well known directors shudheer varma and chandoo mondeti written screenplay and dialogues respectively for this film.

Kirrak Party Movie Review, Rating

Hoping for positive response and a good break even for Nikhil Siddhartha which is much needed for current situation after a lot of struggle in releasing due to theaters strike in South Indian states finally, the Kirrak party movie going to release today with fair positive expectations. Let’s have a look over this movie review now

Β Kirrak Party Movie Review, Rating, Public Talk

Movie Kirrak Party
Directed by Sharan Koppisetty
Produced by Ramabrahmam Sunkara , Anil Sunkara
Production house(s) AK Entertinments
Written by Chandoo Mondeti ( Dialogues) / Sudheer Varma (Screenplay)
Star cast
  • Nikhil Siddharth
  • Samyukhta Hegde
  • Simran Pareenja
Music Ajaneesh Lokesh
Editor MR Varma
Cinematography Advaitha Gurumurthy
Release date March 16th, 2018

Kirrak Party Movie Plot

The story starts with a song introducing the characters of the film. Krishna a first year student meets Meera a final year student and daughter of a police officer. Everyone in the campus likes Meera and even Krishna’s friend. But Meera gets close to Krishna and they both become good friends. Meera is a writer of a book about sex worker’s life and she knows the sex worker personally. The sex worker is pregnant and one day she gets labour pain. Meera along with Krishna takes her to the hospital. The sex worker bears a baby girl and keeps the baby’s name as Meera. Krishna holds the baby and gets emotional. Meera always saw Krishna as a fun, loving and cheerful guy. Seeing Krishna as innocent and emotional Meera suggests Krishna to discover his second half.

They become close friends and starts to go out together. In the girls hostel, girls were celebrating the final year students send off party meanwhile even the boys enter the hostel and everyone starts to sing and dance. The boys leave the hostel, Meera and her friends decides to drink whereas Meera refuses to do so but due to her friends she sips a bit of vodka. While dancing Meera falls from the hostel rooms window and dies. Krishna gets upset. Everyone starts to speak about Meera in a wrong way even Meera’s father gets angry about Meera getting drunk. Seeing all this Krishna gets angry and starts to beat his senior.

After three years Krishna is in his final year, he becomes stubborn and rude. He is in the final year and Satya his junior doing her first year in electrical stream falls in love with Krishna. Krishna and his friends get apart due to fight and he forms another group… Finally how the fight and separation turns out what happens in Krishna’s love life and how they convince themselves for reunion during farewell party is the climax of the flick which can be enjoyable and will be a memory digger for college students and alumni too πŸ™‚


  • College Backdrop theme
  • College Gang(s) Atmosphere
  • Real Life Syncing Incidents
  • Nikhil’s better Performance
  • BGM
  • Samyukhta Hegde (Undoubtedly)
  • Hostel Life Scenes


  • No big negatives small lags and character drops are not mentioned in order to encourage audience to watch the flick

Kirrak Party Rating

3.5β˜† / 5

Kirrak Party review

Overall a good movie with noticeable performances with high energy, emotion , love and joy filled friendship with college atmosphere which can be considered as out and out youthful entertainer with budding stars Viva raghava, Mirchi hemanth, Suhas and Dubstar Deepthi Sunaina did a captivating performance which might bring regional feel in theatres and well know artists brahmaji, Raghu karumanchi did their job to very good extent. Can be considered as good gift for movie lovers almost after 3 weeks of no releases..



Youthful Mass / Class Entertainer.. Go watch for this weekend !!!

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